Twitter is as Twitter does.

Every day we read ’em and weep. But what if they ALL did it?

President Trump has a rather unique on-line style all his own. I believe its a variant of something called internet trolling. What would the Twitterverse be like, if all the currently living Presidents tweeted like Trump? It might look something like this:

I’ve got my birth certificate. I know where I’m from — angry Repugnican snowflakes can’t live with it — I won the election fair and square, the first time I ran — TWICE. That makes me an American by the rules of Presidency. Winning!

I didn’t touch that girl from my chair. I never met that girl. I’m in a wheelchair — what did she think I was going to do? Just more lies from Crooked Hillary to cover up the fact that Bad Boy Bill did MUCH worse in the Oval Office. Fake Media continues to report a non-issue. Sad.

Monica Lewinsky has an axe to grind, and the Failing NY Times is latching on to her lies. LIES! And her story doesn’t hold water — She was never very smart, or pretty, for that matter. Obviously eats too much. How could she let herself go like that? That Dog don’t hunt.

Fake Media saying I’m not smart. I went to college, and was a hero in the Air National Guard. I flew F-102s. I’m the one who slapped ‘Sad Saddam’ where it hurt. I’m the one who stood on the rubble — certainly not Hillary. Where was SHE when the planes were flying? I was the only one who could fix it.

No accomplishments? I got Egypt and Israel to sign the Camp David accords. They shook hands — Everyone saw that. All the failed “experts” said it couldn’t be done. Stock market had MASSIVE gains that day. Falling Ford better watch his tone, after all, the people voted and I won by a HUGE margin.

No Presidents were harmed in the creation of this article. Even the rather loud one that currently holds the office, whom inspired the above. Stunt Presidents were used when applicable. Your milage may differ. Consult the manual before reading. Don’t try this at home – Tweeting like this is really annoying.

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